sorry that I have not been here much. busy busy busy!

Hey all! I know I kinda dropped off the face of the Earth for a while, but you know how life likes to happen. Lol Things have just gotten crazy for me lately. It's all good though.

Where to start? I'm now working for the local school district helping them with their stem program, my stepdaughter moved back to our town right down the street and I've been helping her with the grandson, my wife started her last semester of college, and last but not least I bought a 1977 Dodge Titan RV to restore. 

I'm still doing robotics, but really haven't accomplished anything lately except fine tuning some programming.

I do lurk sometimes, but usually am too tired to say much. I do like a lot of things people have been accomplishing.

Look for a post soon on some model airplanes I am currently developing for the stem program I'm working on. Here's a teaser from a similar program I helped develop a few years ago.