This little box started off with glueing 14 boards together. Then cutting it into planks that I could use for the sides and top. I started with the top glueing 3 pieces together laying 2 side by side and one one top in the middle. I did this so I could round over the top. Onces this was done I inlayed 2 strips of wood to hide where the top piece met the bottom 2. Sanding was a common part of this job all through the process LOL! Onces the sides were glued together I started on the bottom. 2×12 cut to fit the bottom I took my router and cut the bottom out to with then 1 inch so I could put in a faux bottom. I cut another piece of wood that matched the bottom and put it in. Me and my wife both wrote a message to each other not to be read until the other passes away. Onces it was all put together I put like 10 layer of polyurethane on it sanding each coat as I applied it. In all this project took about 3 months, after counting the number of pieces of wood it came up to around 87! My wife loves it so to me that is all that matters. WILDBILL