EXTREMELY FADED - but soft- easy to wash removable covers

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Tell us about these cushions. Did you make them yourself? Or are they an old pair that you gave a refresh to? Let us know the steps you took here.

Screened porch- semi sheltered

This cushion collection are mostly thrift store acquisitions.
All the removable pillow covers zip off except for the Crate and Barrel they button close. This makes a yearly machine washing refresh possible. Both Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel labeled pairs obtained for a few dollars only each. One pair of floral cushions are from a garage sale more than 20 years ago.
The fabric covers though in a sheltered screen porch continues to fade. These 6 pillow examples are cotton so they’re not the best example to use for your new spray renewal product.

My newest cushion cover pair from Goodwill are normal- dark colors with a faux leather like fabric and a pattered texture fabric on the other side. I believe the zippered cover cases were a dollar each and I purchased a three dollar Walmart pillow to put inside them. Hoping mixing old and new somewhat helps the degraded faded look.... maybe?
Pretend it’s shabby chic?
I do have some fabric that I may consider making new covers for.
I am not sure that the fading really bothers me at this point these particular pillows are very soft and comfortable addition to the chair + ottoman reclining position.

Actually the very old terry cushion *covers* on the chair and ottoman used to be a dark green and it is faded out to be a very pale green.

Adirondack chair cushions outside exposure on dock.

The square cushions on the Adirondack chairs have a polyester patterned unremovable cushion cover. Would probably be more appropriate for a renewal product if the product could cover if the cover print fabric to a solid tone with the multiple light coat application.

We recently discarded four cushions for our mesh patio chairs. They would’ve benefited from the spray renewal product - discarded because of the miserable weathered appearance.Sadly they are a challenge to replace size wise.

How often do you change up the style of your patio cushions, either by purchasing a new set, or giving an old set a facelift?

Every couple of years

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