Server at Pizza Hut

Tell us a bit about your first job. Where was it? Did you love it or hate it?

My senior year of highschool, the school allowed students to leave after lunch for "work release" (sounds a bit criminal, but I swear, it was legit).  :)  I worked as a server at Pizza Hut in my neighboring town.  $3.35/hour + tips sounds like nothing, but I was a teenager that always had cash and it felt super empowering.  

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Why did you pick that photo? What does this photo represent?

Freedom - that is what this photo represents and what my first job gave me. The money I earned helped me become more independent and allowed me to pay my own bills. It opened a whole new world of possibilities.

What were some of your favorite things about this job? Check all that apply!

The work itself was fun, It gave me my own independence, Got me out of my comfort zone

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Looking back, did this first job kickstart your relationship with DIY projects at all?

No, sadly!

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