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I've been entertaining my eight year old granddaughter by posting funny songs for her on YouTube. One of her favorites is, "I Wanna Be A Cat". It's a lot of fun to sing with added sound effects. Here's what my cat thinks of my singing (in the picture below!

Oh I wanna be a Cat.... I wanna sleep all day...
Oh I’ll hate to get wet, but I’ll like to get pet,
and then I wanna get in your way

Oh I wanna be a Cat.... chase birds and mice....
Go out, come in, then go out again
And then I wanna come back in-side

Oh I wanna have cat food breath... I wanna learn to purr....

Curl up on your lap and take a little nap
And then -- I wanna -- lick - - my -- fur (slow this line way down)

Oh I wanna be a Cat.... I’ll eat all I can get....

And when you go to bed, I wanna sleep on your head,
I never wanna go to the vet

I wanna cough up hair balls.... I wanna scratch your chair....
Stay out all night, have a big cat fight
Then act -- like I -- don’t -- even -- care (draw it out... have fun)

Oh I wanna be a Cat.... I wanna shed some fur....
Scratch fl eas, catch fi sh, clean my cat food dish
and then I wanna curl up and purrrrrrrr

Make fitting sound effects!  Draw it out, and have some fun.

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