Introducing Levolution

Submitted to Rust-O Resources

Hey, Creators; if you’ve ever set tile before, you’d know that obtaining a level surface and even grout lines can be tricky. However, the Levolution Tile Spacing and Leveling System is the key to perfect tile every time, even if you’ve never done it before.

Levolution is the quickest and easiest way to space tile or stone on floors or walls. It’s especially useful with large format tile. How simple is it? Just lay your tiles in place and use the Levolution tools to evenly space your grout lines and level each tile. Then, grout as usual and remove the Levolution pieces from your work space. The best part is, every piece in Levolution is reusable except for the spacers.

Check out the details here: 


If you have a tile project you’ve been putting off because you’re not sure if you should hire a pro, we would love to see you give this DIY a try. So, we ask, would you try a tile project with Levolution? We really don’t think you’ll use anything else again!