Composite Deck Refresh

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Hey, Creators!

We are so excited about one of our brand new innovations, we just had to spill the beans to you!

If you have a wood-rich composite deck, like many Americans do, then you know it’s been tough to find ways to clean and refresh the color as it has faded over the years. Maybe that gray is turning dull these days, and that red color is less vibrant. It’s OK, but it just doesn’t look new anymore.

Rust-Oleum’s solution to that problem is the Composite Deck Refresh system of products. Never before has there been a line of products that not only cleans your composite decking, but also refreshes the color and brings back the water resistant qualities that it had when it was new. . That’s why we’re very excited about these products.

It’s really easy to use, too! We know your life is busy. It’s our goal to make sure you spend less time doing chores and more time enjoying life.

You can find Composite Deck products at your local The Home Depot or Menards and refresh your deck in less than a weekend. We’d love to see how great your deck looks when you use Composite Deck Refresh.  If you use it, make sure to share a before and after photo for us in the Community Cafe or the comments below.