NEW Furniture Transformations Kit Colors!

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Hello, Creators!

At Rust-Oleum, we’re constantly working on new things, whether it’s an innovative new product or new colors. We love to show you what’s been brewing!

This month, we’re excited to announce some great new colors in our Furniture Transformations line. We’ve been following trends, getting feedback and knew it was time to update our color palette to better align with the market place. Thanks in part to feedback from you and others, we’ve refreshed our tint base offering and have added 11 new colors, including more blue and grey colors such as Night Fall, Shoreline, and Modern Gray, and also added some fun colorful options, like Sea Glass, Lemon and Blush.

Furniture Transformations is a complete coating kit that can be used to transform all types of furniture. Use it on wood, laminate and metal surfaces to update dressers, armoires, bath vanities, end tables, entertainment centers, desks, tables & chairs, bannisters & moldings and fireplace mantles for a durable, scratch-resistant look.

The kit is easy to use, and we encourage you to have fun with it. For best results, be sure to follow the instructions and dry times to ensure a quality finish that lasts. The best part about this kit, other than having almost everything you need included in one box, is that there is no sanding, priming or stripping required if there’s already a finish on your item.

Start by cleaning the piece of furniture and making sure it’s dry before applying the Deglosser. The Deglosser is an easy step that ensures your surface is prepared for the Bond Coat.

The Bond Coat must be tinted at the paint counter and will be the final color of your painted furniture project. The optional Decorative Glaze creates a custom aged look if you prefer and last, apply the top coat to complete and protect your project with this ultra-strong stain and scratch resistant satin finish.

You’ll love the ease of this kit and how these new colors can help to transform outdated home décor.

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