Introducing Rust-Oleum Garage & Interior Floor Primer

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Hey, Creators!

Who loves their concrete laundry room, garage or carport floor?

(We’re not envisioning many hands are up.)

When it comes to these floors, you probably don’t think much of them. That is, they are ugly concrete places that hold your outdoor stuff and maybe the places where you park your car. Did you know it could be so much more than that with primer and a specialized coating? All it takes is three simple steps: clean, prime, coat. Sounds easy, right? We’re here to tell you that it is.

You’ll need to clear out your garage first. That’s the hard part. If you want to get at the floor, nothing can be ON the floor. So, clear it out and clean it with our pressure washer concentrate from Krud Kutter. Then, rinse it off with clean water and let it dry. It won’t matter if your existing floor is already coated because our revolutionary Garage & Interior Floor Primer works over any previous coating or sealant without having to scuff or sand the surface first. After all, getting anything old off a concrete floor is very difficult.

Our Garage & Interior Floor Primer is great stuff!

  • One coat is all you need
  • Dries quickly – in less than 6 hours
  • Works over already sealed or coated concrete
  • No sanding or grinding prep
  • Won’t peel

Apply the primer with a brush along the edges and a paint roller for the larger 4-foot by 4-foot sections. It’s best if you leave a wet edge for easy blending. Once the Garage & Interior Floor Primer has been applied, let it dry for a minimum of 6 hours, but don’t wait longer than 48 hours to apply a topcoat.

We’ve said it before. The right products make the job easier. One coat of primer applied with a paint roller and brush and you can have a fresh concrete floor in just a few hours. In fact, the whole project from clearing and cleaning to your topcoat will only take a weekend. So, what are you waiting for?

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