Introducing Miracle Sealants' Tile & Stone Cleaner

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Hello, Creators!

It’s that time of year again. Family and friends come to visit for the holidays and you want your house to look nice. You’re decorating with all of the great DIY projects you’ve been working on and you’ve made room for your guests to arrive, but you still need to clean. (We can hear the collective groans now.)

Ugh, cleaning. Are we right? Don’t worry, though. We’re here to tell you that with the right products it doesn’t take a lot of effort.

Many of you have tile and stone in your kitchens, bathrooms or entryways. We want to make sure you get a superior clean without harming your natural stone, tile or grout surfaces with a general cleaner.  We’ve teamed up with Miracle Sealants to give you Tile & Stone Cleaner. An all-purpose, nontoxic cleaner that can handle tough stains but gentle enough for everyday use.

It’s a pH neutral cleaner designed for all tile, stone, grout and masonry surfaces. Tile & Stone Cleaner is strong enough for the professional yet gentle enough for the do it yourself specialist. Tile & Stone Cleaner comes in a ready to use ergonomic spray bottle as well as a concentrate for diluting options. The product has no odor, is safe for food areas and can be used inside or outside.

Would you like to give the Tile & Stone Cleaner a test drive on the surfaces in your home? Fill out this shipping form and we'll send you a jug - just for signing up. Once you've used the product, let us know how it went!

Happy cleaning, Creators!