New Product Alert - Turbo Spray System

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Calling all Creators! We know your DIY time is precious. That’s why we’ve created an innovative spray can to help get your projects done faster than ever!

Perfect for those larger projects, our new Turbo Spray System uses an advanced nozzle to create a fan spray 4 times larger than a normal spray can - up to 10 inches wide. To cover that much surface, we've doubled the size of the can and packed in 4 times more spray paint. All this without feeling cumbersome in your hand and without any mess.

The Turbo Spray system is currently available in Stops Rust black and white. Stay tuned for more colors!

The Challenge

We're looking for 50 DIYers to participate in our Turbo Tuxedo Challenge and try out the new Turbo Spray System! Since we have black and white paint to test we thought about hosting a Zebra challenge or a Penguin challenge but that didn't quite scream DIY. We put our heads together and thought "What could be more classic than a black and white tuxedo?" Here's what we're looking for:

  • Do you have a medium-sized project you wish you could finish with spray paint, but it would take too long or too many cans?
  • Do you have a project that requires the protection provided by an oil-based rust preventative enamel but you dread the cleanup? 
  • Do you have a medium-sized project to spray outside but do not have access / want to buy professional style spray equipment?
  • Do you have a large open space outside to spray paint?

If you answered "Yes" to one or more of those questions and want to try out the Turbo Spray System in either black or white, fill out this screening survey.

We only have a limited number of products to sample for this give away, so we will be evaluating responses before choosing participants for this challenge. If you're selected, you will need to share before and after photos of your project as well as complete a questionnaire evaluating your experience before October 1.

Complete the screening survey to participate!