Winter DIY Ideas!

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Ahh, Creators, the weather is turning. Do you feel it? Maybe it means warm, fuzzy socks for some of you. Maybe you’re excited about the newest warm drink at your local coffee shop. Or maybe, this is the time of year you LOVE to create!

In Chicagoland, where we are, that means we’ll be feeling colder temperatures and seeing more snow soon. But, winter is a great time to stretch our creative muscles and make things for our homes or as gifts. We’re here to heat up your inspiration, even when it’s cold outside.

With the holidays approaching – far too soon if you ask us – projects related to Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas are at the top of our list. We want our homes to sparkle with trendy colors and DIY style, so we’ve got a few projects that may inspire you.

Whatever you choose as inspiration, let’s see your greatest seasonal crafts! Post your favorites here and let’s inspire others.

If you have questions on any of these, or other Rust-Oleum projects, please click here.