Painting- Know the Basics

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Hello, Creators!

We know many of you are skilled with wall paint. In fact, you may have already painted every room in your house… perhaps twice! It’s always a good idea to understand the product you’re using before your next project. That’s why we’re breaking it down for you in this blog post.

Rust-Oleum recently launched a new line of wall paint, and we thought it would be appropriate to not only introduce it, but to inform you about it as well. Our water-based Simply Home brand is paint & primer in one, available in a variety of popular pre-mixed colors. And, who knows? Maybe some will come your way soon! (Hint, hint!)

Let’s talk about what’s in a gallon of paint. In general, paint contains four ingredients: pigment, resin, solvent and additives. The more pigment, or color, in the can, the higher the quality of paint. It’s true that you get what you pay for. If you use an inexpensive paint, it’s likely that you’ll be putting in twice the amount of work. Instead of one-coat coverage, you may have to paint over the area two or three times to get full coverage.

Resin is the binder that holds everything together, solvent makes it all liquid, and additives provide special performance attributes (or something like this). Our Simply Home paint comes in three different sheens: eggshell, flat and semi-gloss. Sheen refers to how glossy the surface becomes once the paint is dry. Flat paints are great for ceilings, bedrooms, and formal spaces. Eggshell finishes can be used in bedrooms, hallways and family rooms. You can use satin sheens pretty much everywhere in your home except for ceilings. Semi-glosses are best in utility spaces, kitchens and on trim and interior doors.

Simply Home is offered as a water-based paint. Why is that? Well, for one thing, cleanup is much easier. Water-based paints are environmentally friendly, too, since they contain fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds). These paint formulas are also more flexible, so they withstand movement and they are faster to dry than their oil-based counterparts.

We’ve also taken the hard part about choosing color out of the equation. Our hand-picked colors are the most popular, on-trend colors used in the home. It may be a small palette, but we think you’ll love each one.

Now that we’ve explained paint to you in a different way, you might think a little more about that wall paint project that’s been waiting for you. Maybe you’ll feel a bit more empowered when you start your project!

What will you be painting next?