Counting on Krud Kutter 💯

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Earlier this year, we asked our community members to share the many ways they use Krud Kutter. Experts agree that Krud Kutter is a cleaning champ - and we knew our community of DIYers would have some pretty great stories of how this product performs. 

Paint prep:

I ALWAYS use Krud Kutter on walls before I paint them. It's amazing what you don't see that will affect paint coverage! - @ShellyDel

Thrifted finds clean-up:

A great cleaner/degreaser like Krud Kutter can totally revitalize a sad secondhand thrifted item. It’s magical that it can take away yellow discolorations, stickiness, and stains. - @Vimarhonor

I use Krud Kutter (various formulas) for getting pieces ready for painting and/or refinishing. - @AmAtHome

In the kitchen: 

I have a cream colored formica countertop that I wipe off daily and I think it's clean but when I clean it with Krud Kutter Original Cleaner Degreaser, in combination with a cleaning "eraser", it looks like a brand new countertop and the original color, too! - @Diana D

I use the Krud Kutter Disinfectant on counters and in the sink if raw meat has been in the area. I'm all about food safety and Krud Kutter works for me! - @beadgarden


I have used Krud Kutter for so many different problems that I could possibly name 💯  uses myself! Mold is the best example, but grease is made simple with just a few sprays. But to me the best thing that Krud Kutter cleans is the feeling of gettin' it done! Not having to hunt for that one cleaner for all applications. - @Wild Bill

This is the ONLY product I have found that removes makeup stains💄 from my carpets (as I myself have dropped a lipstick or two but also have a make up artist in training). We live in a rental unit and lipstick and other cosmetics have found their way into the carpet - until Krud Kudder Tough Task came into my life I thought was going to cost me a fortune in move out cleaning costs! - @hale5torm08

We bought 2 older homes in NC - one to live in (built 1938) and one to flip (built 1922).We have used Krud Kutter for both. Cleaning walls, floors, hardware on cupboards and hinges - it worked fantastic for everything. Especially with getting the gunk off the hardware and hinges. - @Chatty

Krud Kutter is awesome for getting stickers off of ANY surface! I have a 5 year old daughter that LOVES stickers, and this helps me take them off of the floor, desk, chairs, refrigerator, get the idea! ;) - @Rosewoodandgrace

Bathroom battles: 

I have a shower pan and after everyone is done you would think it was a pig sty. Spray it down and rinse it off! Ready to go again another day! - @terry.94

I truly detest cleaning the toilet but at least with Krud Kutter I dont have to have to deal with it for very long when I do clean it. - @MaryYarger

We have hard water and the combination of soap residue and hard water creates a scum on sinks and bathroom fixtures that is tough to remove. Original Krud Kutter softens and makes this scummy build up easy to remove. - @Sallyne

Remove dust and dirt from window screens. I always do this in the tub. Spray hot water on screen. Then spray Krud Kutter and let sit 10 minutes and then rinse with hot water. watch in satisfaction as all the dirt washes down the drain. - @Leahwiebe


Car cleaning products are quite expensive and can only be used for one purpose, but Krud Kutter can be used for multiple areas and costs a lot less! - @RachelSmitty

We want to hear even MORE ways that diyers use this product. Join us in 💯  Ways to Use Krud Kutter and share how you use this powerhouse to conquer your cleaning!