Winner Winner: Birdies Getting Dinner!

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Creators, we keep dreaming up challenges, and you keep delivering primo projects.  In the Build a Bird Feeder Challenge, members brought epic levels of creativity and craftsmanship – Bravo, Creators! 🙌🏼

🏆 Winners 🏆

Best Overall Bird Feeder: Only For the Brave

The birds feasting in @Bastler's shark bird feeder might be oblivious to the gaping jaw they’re entering, but voters delighted in this cheeky design.🦈

Best Bird Feeder New Build: Pergola Bird Feeder

@galicia2 created this regal birdhouse design for a lucky friend, and voters loved the intricate craftsmanship. 

Best Bird Feeder Refresh: Kringla Bird Bakeri og Kafe

@purpletaj created this clever replica of Walt Disney World’s beloved bakery, right down to three hidden Mickeys.

Congratulations also to the winner of our Voter Random Prize Draw: @Mgirl_diy

We can’t award a prize for every submission (although we sure would like to 🏆), but we want to give a shout-out to everyone who entered and celebrate these DIY wonders of the ornithological world. 

@CreativeRecycler brought the Simpson's vibes with this replica of the Kwik-E-Mart.  

@SueH's Golden Finch Feeder showed some Rust-Oleum love with a retro Stops Rust label. 

@Chunky Mermaid's feathered friends are dining in style at her Flirty Flamingo Beach Shack

Thanks to everyone who entered in this challenge, and those who stopped by to like, comment, and vote!