Getting to Know Rust-Oleum

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Hello Creator's Studio!

Here at Rust-Oleum, we work hard to create the highest quality coatings for every surface. We have a team of expert chemists who create products that fit your needs, then extensively test them to ensure that they work as hard as you do.

I recently visited our Research & Development facility and was amazed by all of the testing methods used for our products! To be honest, I think my inner chemist/nerd took over my body! It was truly fascinating. 

I thought that you might enjoy seeing some of the testing methods that go into creating our products.  

Bonded.  First is our Adhesion Tests. Our chemists perform various Adhesion Tests to see that our products meet our standards to "adhere" or bond to the surface it is covering. When doing this, one of our coatings is applied to multiple metal surfaces and then they are scratched and scratched. An extra strength tape is applied in an attempt to remove the coating. If the coating is easily detached, we will alter the product formula to strengthen its adhesion before going to stores.

Tough.  Another interesting test is for the product's resistance and durability. We want to be sure our products stand up to various chemicals. In the picture, you can see a metal piece covered with one of our paints. Over 40 chemicals are tested on each of our products before they are ever produced. If they don't meet our high standards, then "back to the drawing board!"

Quality.  A final evaluation is the Viscosity test. This measures the thickness of a paint or coating. When we measure the thickness, we are then able to determine the "pot-life" or amount of time you have to work with the product before it begins to dry. These evaluations for done with a Viscometer you see in the photo. 

Stay tuned to learn about additional tests that are performed at our Research & Development facility.