Introducing Whink® - Household Cleaners & Support Staff to your DIY Projects

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***Moderator Note: Thanks to everyone who commented and completed our survey - as a surprise to our loyal Creator's Studio community, we've randomly chosen a few members to receive a gift basket of Whink® products. We're sure these Creators will enjoy putting some freshness and sparkle in their homes with these products. Thanks to everyone who has been following along!***

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Hi Creators,

As crafters, many of us are passionately resourceful. We take found treasures and repurpose or restore them to give them new life. Often, that means looking past minor imperfections like rust stains on surfaces or linens yellowed by years of hard water.

That’s why I’m excited to tell you about Whink® specialty household cleaners. Whink® is one of the newest additions to the Rust-Oleum  family of brands but they’ve been providing solutions to the toughest rust stains, mineral deposits, laundry stains, drain clogs and wood surfaces since 1947.

Think of Whink® as the newest member of your support team, solving problems you don’t have time for, with the quality and effectiveness you trust and expect from Rust-Oleum. With recyclable containers and phosphate-free and septic-safe formulas, check out this line-up:

It’s like someone made a list of my least favorite household chores and said, “I can help with that!” I can already think of a dozen ways I’ll use Whink® in my own household. What about you? What Whink cleaners would you find helpful