Trend Alert- Metallics!

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There’s no doubt that metallic shine is attractive. Whether it’s on a mailbox or address numbers, or inside the home on accessories and hardware, metallics have shown up in every room and every space in and around your home. This trend continues through 2018.

The most popular metallic colors include rose gold and copper rose, an updated brass, and mixing metals such as silvers and golds in the same room. You can even combine these great shimmering colors with modern neutrals such as muted pinks, greens and lavenders for a truly updated look.

While the shine is important, it’s the finish that matters. Dull shine is popular in all metallic colors. It’s not about being bold, it’s about being muted and neutral.

With metallic, less is more. Use them sparingly and you’ll get the most out of your colors.

What have you created lately with metallics? Please share!

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