Exciting Updates

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We have two exciting updates to share with you.

1.  Share the love on Social Media

You can now share your favorite Creator’s Studio Inspirations on Facebook, Twitter, G+, and Pinterest. Head on over to Inspiration and check out all the great DIY projects that are posted and then share them with your friends. Simply click on an image and the “share buttons” appear below.

If your friends and family have been wondering why you’ve been spending so much time online these days, you can also share some of our News blogs to show them what Creator’s Studio is all about.


2.  Calling all Canadians

When Creator’s Studio launched in 2015 only US residents were eligible to win prizes. We will now be shipping north of the border as well, so all of our Canadian members will also be eligible. If you live in Canada (and joined the community in 2015) please update your profile – we’ve added a list of provinces to choose from.