Thanksgiving Wooden Plate Chargers

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Hi Creators!

Thanksgiving is coming. It’s that time of year when we invite the family over for the big meal and we dress the table for the holiday. Why not try a rustic detail such as wood plate chargers?

Wood Grain Enhancer creates a two-tone contrast, and it’s ideal for any wood with an open grain pattern.

You’ll need Varathane’s Wood Grain Enhancer in black, several wooden chargers, a steel brush, water, lint-free cloths and gloves.

Begin by using a clean lint-free cloth, dampened with water, and wipe over the bare wood. Lightly use the steel brush, in the direction of the grain, to prepare wood for Grain Enhancer. Apply Wood Grain enhancer liberally to the wood with a lint free rag, moving against the grain. Wipe away the excess, again, moving against the grain, and let it dry for an hour.  A polyurethane topcoat can be applied 2 hours later.

We’d love to see how your Thanksgiving tables turn out. Feel free to share them in the community and you might even inspire others for future holidays.

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