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*Update - there's @robinwood with her sister! She's wearing the plaid shirt.*

Creators, we are delighted to be sharing with you another in our series of long-term member features! Today, we present robinwood, who joined the community 4 years ago and has been inspiring us with her DIY projects ever since. 

Why did you join Creator's Studio? 

I joined Creator's Studio because it looked interesting.   Once I became a member and began to meet some of the other members, it seemed like a friendly and informative site.

What's your favorite part of the Creator's Studio community? 

My favorite part would be seeing the contributions from other members - so many great projects.  I also like learning about the products - I always thought Rust-Oleum just sold spray paint.

How would you describe yourself/occupation to a complete stranger? 

I retired after 32 years in the communications industry; stayed home with my daughters for a few years (they were in 5th & 7th grade when I retired); when they were both in high school I went back to work writing software and hardware manuals, and then going on the road to teach for SBC (which is now AT&T).  In my spare time, I spent time with the family and had my hobbies and woodworking.

What creative areas do you like to focus on?

I've always been a hobbyist, but woodworking has always been my main interest.   It was fun to build something specifically for a space and need. Our friends used to tease and say they didn't like to bring their kids because they couldn't drag them away from our yard, with all the outdoor play areas.  We had a small house at the time, but a big yard.

What is your favorite Rust-Oleum product? How has it helped with your DIY projects? 

My favorite product so far has been the wood aging; I've used it quite a bit and I love the easy to do finish.  I enjoy reading about the new projects, but just can't always find them.  For cleaning, it has been Krud Kutter, It's great on everything, but it really cleans my paint brushes easier.

What interests you most about DIY projects? 

I love DIY projects because they are not only fun to build, they save money - and I can build something exactly to my specifications, design, size, and color.  My grandson is my biggest fan, he will ask if I can make something for him and if I say, "Well, I'm not sure" - he says "Come on grandma, you know you can."

What's the best DIY project you have completed and how did you accomplish it? 

It's so hard to name the best project I've ever made.  I've mentioned my grandson's airport clubhouse bed here before.  I'd have to say that is probably still my favorite.  He was about 4 when I built it and loved airplanes, so I wanted to make him a loft bed with a clubhouse underneath.  It started with the loft bed frame and just went from there with a pitched roof look.  I added the deck portion as an easy way for him to climb up into the bed (with a safety rail).  I put a steering wheel at the end of the loft, so he could play pirate out there if he wanted.  He requested the windows that could close and the divided french door (so he could peek out).  The inside was designed with a bench for relaxing and storage underneath, a bookshelf for books and dvd's, and a desk.  I put the window in the top portion because it seemed like it would be a little dark up there when he was in bed and I didn't want him to be scared.   He still loves it today and it's the place he hangs out with his friends.  I've included photos of some of the things I made for my kids when they were small. The rocking dog was made for a friends son when he was 2 and he still has it today.   Back then I was working with a hammer, drill, and jigsaw, so the lack of expensive tools shouldn't deter anyone from attempting a project.   I only got my large saws about 5 years ago.  The photos are old, so hopefully they are easy to view.  Before digital, I made a lot of things that were never photographed because it seemed like to much trouble and expense.

What's the most difficult project you have tackled? 

I'm not sure which was my most difficult project, some were just more time consuming than others.  I have an idea of what I want when I start and it kind of just grows from there.  Since it's my own plan, I don't get frustrated by trying to figure out what someone else did.  When I was younger, I built a dollhouse that was 2 ft. x 4 ft and on roll around legs - I guess that was the most difficult because of the small inside pieces.  I didn't take many pictures that many years ago, but I posted one showing it in progress.  Unfortunately we lived in a small house at the time and after our first baby was  born, I had to sell it because it took up too much room and w needed the space for baby swings, etc.

If you could create any type of project (with no limitations), what would you design and why? 

Wow, I'm really not sure what I would build if there were no limitations.  I have always built based on our needs and desires at the time, so I don't have any "dream projects".

Tell us something about yourself that most people don't know about you.

I don't know what to say about what people might not know about me.  I'm kind of an open book with my friends.  At this point in my life, I love to go hiking and do so quite often with my family; volunteer with projects at church and my grandson's Christian School (I'm working on this year's VBS props right now); love to read, crochet, sew, photography - just enjoying life for as long as I'm able.   I'm 76 looking forward to 100.

What's the best advice that anyone has ever given you?

There are two pieces of advice that were given to me by different people, my dad always taught me to give 100 percent at anything you do and later in life (during  a stressful time) a friend told me to "Let go and Let God".

What book(s) are on your nightstand right now? 

The books on my night stand right now are Winter Moon by Dean Koontz, which I'm almost finished with and 7th Heaven by James Patterson, which I'm starting next.  The library had a sale on their paperbacks at 50 cents each, so I scooped up a bunch of both authors along with James Grishom.


Thanks, robinwood, for letting us get to know you a little better. Here's a little walk down memory lane, of some of the amazing projects robinwood has shared in the Studio. Check out her Contributions page for many cool projects. Enjoy! 

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