Mystery Kit Challenge Results 📣

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“Mystery is at the heart of creativity. That, and surprise.”

Julia Cameron


Earlier this year, 50 Creator's Studio members signed up to participate in our latest Mystery Kit challenge. We gathered all the supplies and sent each member a box of mystery ingredients which included Varathane Wood Stains in Fogstone, Roanoke, and Western Oak; Chrome Paint Pens in gold and silver; and a set of 40 mysterious looking wooden panels and stands.

What did this gallant group of participants think when they received their shipment?

Finally, we’re able to reveal the story behind the panels! The boards were originally intended to be used as earring holders. Rust-Oleum ordered 2,000 custom-made boards from a small business to be used as giveaways and producer test stain projects at the Pinners Conference in spring 2020.  However, COVID hit and events were cancelled, leaving Rust-Oleum with 2,000 boards in storage. Knowing how amazing our community members are, we thought that a Mystery Kit would be the perfect way to repurpose these boards and save them from the landfill. 

Creator’s Studio members came through with a gobsmacking level of creativity in this Challenge! (Be sure to check out all the submissions if you haven’t already.)

Winners by Crowd Vote

🏆 First Place: Rustic Rust-Oleum Shop Sign, @BryanFiveash

The awesomeness of this sign is only surpassed by Bryan's delightful shop assitants 👯‍♀️


🏆 Second Place: Bling for Parents’ Assisted Living Apartment, @beadgarden

A sweet memento for her folks. 


🏆 Third Place: Bird Condominium. @galicia2

Fun fact, this project included the most panels of any submissions in this challenge – all 40!

Bonus Prizes   (Because come ON, there was so much awesomeness in this challenge).

Most functional: Couch Table, @RachelSmitty: A clever and highly functional use for these panels! 


Best Community Spirit: Smorgasboards, @EPetry: We love that @EPetry used the boards to create inspiring and delightful signs in her local park. 


Most projects submitted: @Swanee: Check them out here: 1, 2, and 3

And the winner of the voter prize random draw is @staciesplace.

Honorable Mentions

Every project in this challenge was filled with innovation - we want to shout out a few projects that stood out for us as a little "extra" 😎Although our prize budget is limited, our sentiments are not. Bravo, Creators! 

Wine bottle for scaleThe first honorable mention goes to @Bastler, who placed in the top 3 in the voting phase but isn't eligible to win due to her recent win in Trash to Treasure VI. 


Wooden Word Wall Art, @Taradeliberto: A whimsical, vintage take on this challenge.


Take Me to the Mountains, @Chunky Mermaid. Let's all run away to this contemporary mountainscape! 


Pumpkin Patch, @SchreiberWI: Love this understated, rustic tablescape for fall.


Favorite Hello and Hardest Goodbye, @KandieWood: A touching tribute during a time of loss. In the words of Ted Lasso, "I like to think grief is the price we pay for truly loving someone. And it's worth every penny."

Creators, we think this Mystery Kit showcased the best of our community. We sent members a few random panels and supplies, and they stepped up with a delightful display of creativity and ingenuity. Thanks to everyone for participating in the Mystery Kit Challenge!