RockSolid Home Shareback: Pinterest Feature! 📌

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Hey there, Creator’s Studio team! It probably goes without saying, but we are always impressed by the projects that you share with us, be it through the Café, a product testing opportunity, or a Challenge submission. 

A few months ago, we wrapped up the RockSolid Home Guest Bathroom Makeover Challenge and the submissions really blew us away! We saw so much talent and it all ended up with such beautiful, inspiring, creative results. With that said, we felt like we just had to share at least one of these transformations with the world....and thought the Rust-Oleum Pinterest account was the perfect place!

Fellow Studio member @ProjectGoble's amazing transformation serves as the imagery for this share, which showcases to Rust-Oleum followers around the world just what can be done with this product and a vision in hand!


What do you think, Creators?! How does it feel to see a fellow member's work profiled?

As always, thank you to each and every one of you for participating in this awesome community – keep your projects flowing and we’ll continue to share Creator’s Studio inspiration out in the world!