New Product Alert- Testors Dimensional Craft Paste

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Hello Creators!

I am excited to be joining the community and sharing one of our new & exciting products with you!

Testors Dimensional Craft Paste adds texture to your artistic creations! This dimensional paste is an acrylic based, non-toxic medium that is great for creating an impasto effect on mixed media projects, collages, paintings and home décor accents.

It is lightweight and flexible, the white paste adds a surface texture that can be manipulated to create peaks, grooves, swirls, brush marks and other special effects, with a variety of art tools.

Add color by tinting with Testors Craft Acrylic paints, when wet, or topcoat with acrylic, enamel or lacquer paints, when dry.

I look forward to seeing what creative projects you will make with this new medium!