Ask the Expert Responses: Part 1

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A while back, we asked members to share questions for our product team experts. We're rolling out the responses in a series of 3 blog posts! 

Question from @Vimarhonor: What is the difference between the different aerosol matte sealer products? 2X Matte Clear, Rust-Oleum Matte Clear, Chalked Matte Clear.  Can they be used interchangeably? When storage is limited, knowing the most versatile multipurpose product could be helpful. Also does Rust-Oleum have an appropriate recommendation for a clear sealer for canvas paintings that won't yellow or might provide UV protection?

Answer from @Nicole: Happy to help! While many Rust-Oleum clear coats are acrylic lacquers, they will offer some performance characteristics that are unique to the application. Canvas is flexible and you have to be careful because a lot of coatings can crack due to the canvas material. We hate to disappoint, but we do not offer any suitable clears for canvas.

Question from @Wild Bill: Why is there not a clear paint? (or is there?) You can get clear stain or epoxy but I can't recall seeing any clear paint 🎨.

Answer from @Nicole: Actually, it depends on what you're looking for exactly! We do offer clear coats in a few of our lines. Anywhere from floor coatings to spray cans. Was there something specific you were working on that we can help you find a product possibly for your needs?

Question from When is it too cold to use spray paint? I have some 6 to 9 foot x 3 inch pieces of wood trim I need to paint and they are too long to bring indoors to paint. The temperature outside has been in the mid-30's and I was always told that is too cold to spray paint. Is that true? Do I  have any other options?

Answer from @Nicole: Brr, we're ready for warm weather! Mid 30's a bit too cold for painting, we're afraid. While we completely understand the excitement of getting projects done, we would be concerned with the amount of time it'll take to dry and cure. Generally, our oil paints can still dry around 32° F, but they will take a really long time to cure. If you do consider that, just make sure you give it a few weeks to set up. We hope this helps!

Question from @tracker: Is there a color and product chart or charts for Rust-Oleum products? In most stores, product are separated by type (spray paint, finishes, etc). It would be nice to have a chart or charts of products and true colors before I head to the big box store and to help pick a product for use. 

Answer from @Nicole: We do offer an electronic version of our color chart that we could email you! Please send a message to me directly with your email and I can send that to you! 

Stay tuned for Part 2!