📣 Challenge announcement 📣

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Creators, we like to keep things fresh here in the studio, and what livens the place up more than a Challenge announcement?! 

Every summer, we bring you the Trash to Treasure Challenge (check out seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 for a refresher on all the fun.) But this year, we're squeezing in another Challenge to keep the fun flowing as we transition from spring to summer.

Announcing ... the Get it Done Challenge! 

We know it's hard to start a new challenge project when you already have projects on the go, or things that you need to just. get. done. So we created a challenge to help you knock off those nagging projects - with extra motivation of the chance to win prizes (and of course, encouragement and praise from your fellow DIYers in the community.)

[Hopefully you'll get those projects out of the way so you're ready to roll when Trash to Treasure VII is launched 🚀 ]

Stay tuned for Friday's email announcing the official Challenge launch with all the details.