Extra, Extra: A Creator's Studio Announcement! 🎺

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Creators, our planet has made another revolution around the sun, and that means we’re once again into one of our favorite times of year. We are soooooooooo excited to announce that our annual Trash to Treasure Challenge rides again! 🐎🏆

As one of the original challenges in Creator’s Studio, Trash to Treasure holds an especially dear spot in this community. Our team is consistently blown away by our members’ creativity as they repurpose and upcycle one person's trash into true DIY treasure. 

Join us for a little stroll down memory lane.

Trash to Treasure – The Original

ChunkyMermaid took these old fence pickets …

And turned them into this impressive flag 🇺🇸

Aaaarrrrrh matey. ARN209 took an old trunk he found for sale online …

And created a pirate’s dream bar!

Trash to Treasure II

In T2TII, TwoPawsCreations snagged third prize by taking a $2 antique door …

And turning it into a beautiful bedroom headboard 😴

 The NavagePatch took non-working watering globes …

And turned them into these magical waterdrop solar lights.

Trash to Treasure III

This cast iron plant stand got an ingenious new life thanks to Junking812's vision to turn it into...

A bathroom sink in a historic home!


PaintedDaisybyCarrie took this old Craftsman tool chest...

And converted it into a wheeled bar 🍻

Trash to Treasure IV

Old brass lamps seem to be a dime a dozen (or in this case, $4.99 each at Goodwill;)

Look at this gorgeous transformation Jhall1 brought to life in the form of decorative vases.

Call_me_tlc took drawers from a beaten up dresser …

And turned them into super-adorable kitty bunk beds 😻

Okay team DIY...we’ve shown you a sampling of what we’re looking for: transformations are the name of the game for Trash to Treasure V. We’re challenging you to take something that’s one thing and make it into an entirely other thing!

To participate, your original "trash" item can be:

  • Purchased at a thrift shop or garage sale;
  • OR A long-undisturbed item unearthed from your basement or shed;
  • OR something that you’re currently using for one purpose and find a new use for it.

Regardless of how you source your item, it must be valued at $20 or less. And, as always, the item must be made over using at least one Rust-Oleum product! Check out the Challenge Brief for all the details around rules, and submission guidelines!

So, Creators, it's time to get to work! On your mark, get set...let’s DIY!

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