Welcome to Creator's Studio!

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Welcome to Creator’s Studio; a community of makers, innovators, and creators. In the Studio, you’ll find friendly DIY challenges and prizes, project inspiration, and product testing opportunities. Plus, by participating in questions and surveys, you'll be helping Rust-Oleum develop its product line through feedback on new concepts, product names, label designs and more!

Finding your way around Creator’s Studio

Navigating through this community is pretty straightforward, and similar to many social media platforms.

  • The Community Café is where you can post a question to other members, join in a conversation, or share a DIY project you've recently completed.  
  • The feed along the left side is where you’ll find current activities and challenges. There are great prizes to be had (and a word to the wise – we often give out random prizes for people who stop by just to vote – so it’s worth your while to participate!)
  • Once you set up an account and join the Studio, clicking on your profile photo (top right corner) gets you to your "Inbox" (where you can view personal messages) and "Settings" (where you can set up your notification and email preferences).

Plus, if you’re a DIYer who would like to try out Rust-Oleum’s newest products, the Studio is a great place to be. Once you're a member, you can join our testing team for opportunities to sample products!  

Our Team



I’m the Creator’s Studio moderator, and I have the awesome task of posting blogs and activities, joining conversations, announcing prize winners, and communicating with members here in the Studio. (I’ve been described as the host of this online party, and I wear that description with pride!) Send me a question anytime (just click on my profile photo, then the three dots on the left), and I’ll be happy to get back to you.



Our Rust-Oleum team of experts are here to introduce and answer any questions you have about our extensive line of products:






We've rounded up some past challenges, blogs, and member features to give you a sense of what Creator's Studio is all about - check them out here:


Advice and Tutorials:

Members Features and Creations:

Thanks again for visiting our DIY community - we hope you join us! Please send me a note any time you have questions, comments, or feedback.

- Lisa