Finishing off the Patio!

The Current Situation

We started our patio project late last summer and it has sat in it's current state since. Living in MN the winter puts things on hold. We are totally in love with the patio pavers (Bogert Prodcuts) we chose and want to build off of the feel of them. On a side note, we have a large dog that we are trying to train to use the bathroom elsewhere vs. the whole yard; it's a process.

What Would You Change?

I would start with changing the area around the patio - landscaping. We'd like to add the same rock (purple quartz) that is currently around our house to this area as well. In addition, I'd add several bushes (I'm thinking 6-10) and a wooden walk way so no one hurts their feet when leaving the patio. In this landscaping we were also looking to add an area off of the patio and plant a ornamental tree, possibly a blooming cherry of sorts. 

I'd like to purchase patio furniture to enjoy our night fires. I will personally build a patio table. Lighting is a big deal, a nice warm string of outdoor lights across the area would add personality.

The big project (next to the landscaping) would be a pergola. This side of the house tends to get a lot of sun throughout the morning/afternoon when the kids enjoy being outside the most! A pergola will provide a nice, enjoyable, shaded area.


There are about 4 true months that you can be outside in this state and I want to make them count! Why not build an area where we can relax as our children can run around and get out all of their energy?! Then enjoy a nice fire at dark with some jazz music and a crackling fire. Yes, please! 

Rust-Oleum Products?

Other Products?

Other products would include wood for the pergola: 

4" x 4" pressure-treated posts
2" x 4" pressure-treated boards
2" x 6" pressure-treated boards
2" x 10" pressure-treated boards

Deck screws -

Patio furniture! I'm thinking something like this -



The End Result

The transformation of our backyard will have us relaxing and enjoying this outdoor space more than ever! Once we finish this area, I look forward to having friends and family over to enjoy it with us. Backyard BBQ, kids running wild, water balloon fights, late nights, early morning coffee by myself, oh the serenity! 

Other Documents?

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