Sparkly Snowman from Repurposed Pumpkins


Challenge Rookies

Project Details

I had several uncut pumpkins on my porch, so I decided to use them to make a snowman.  I decided on the Rust-Oleum Chalked Spray paint because it would give the flat look of rolled snow.  I stacked the pumpkins and sprayed a generous coat of the white.  Waited one hour for drying.

While that was drying, I made the hat and nose.  The hat is a plastic coffee lid with a small clay pot.  I hot glued them together and let it sit for about 5 minutes.  Then using the black flat, I brush painted the hat.  I did two quick coats and then used fine glitter to coat the piece.  

The nose was a wine cork that I sprayed with the orange.  I rolled it with my finger to get both sides.  I then sprinkled fine glitter to make it sparkle.

Back to the snowman, I used the black flat for eyes, adding hot glued googly eyes after they dryed.  The hat was placed on and the nose wedged with a paper clip opened up.  A black smile completed the face.

The arms are a wire hanger unwrapped and placed like arms.  I wrapped the arms in golden brown pipe cleaners.  A red scarf covered the hanger and provided the final touch.

I enjoyed making this and look forward to our next challenge. 


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