Chic Blue Antique Dresser


I found an old dresser being sold for $15. Although the wood was cracking badly and the drawers were falling apart, I fell in love. I bought it and immediately went to the craft store to find a unique paint color that would bring out the unique character of my latest garage sale find. I settled on Rust-oleums Serenity Blue Chalk paint and went to work. After using a lot if wood filler, sanding for hours, and painting in the dark after a long day at work, the finished project is everything I imagined it would be! 



New Purpose

A beautiful country chic dresser. I want a piece full of character! 

Steps to Transform

- sanded

- used wood filler for uneven surfaces

- painted with chalk paint (about 4 layers)

- distressed

- sealed with spray sealant

Rust-Oleum Products?

Rust-Oleum Serenity Blue Chalk Paint

Rust-Oleum Chalked Protective topcoat - matte clear

Other Products

Elmers Carpenters WoodFiller, natural, interior


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