Outdoor Side Table From a Vase & Chip and Dip Plate


I bought 2 items at my local Goodwill -

  • A glass urn/vase for $8.99
  • A wooden chip and dip platter for $4.99



New Purpose

I have been working on getting our screened porch in shape for the summer and really wanted a side table to go in between two chairs to set drinks on. I went to Goodwill knowing that I wanted a base and a top but not much more than that. I was excited to find these two pieces as they had so much potential! 

Steps to Transform

I needed to change the color of the vase. I used a spray primer and then an aqua spray paint to give it a sea glass look. 

I sanded down the wooden tray to remove the watermark on the bottom and applied a fresh coat of sealant. 

Then, I used glue to attach them to each other. The bowl in the center of the tray was the perfect spot to glue to the top of the vase. 

Rust-Oleum Products?

rustoleum spray primer 

rustoleum spray paint in seaside

Other Products

gorilla glue

sander, sand paper

matte sealant 


Not Answered