Daughter's Dresser Makeover

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For this project, I used the Rust-Oleum Sterling Silver Glitter Paint on the dresser and Rust-oleum American Accents satin Canyon Black spray paint on the drawer pulls.

First, I removed the drawer pulls and sanded all the surfaces I planned to paint with an orbital sander. After sanding, I primed those surfaces and painted a gray base color. Next came the fun part: Glitter paint! I recommend watching the how-to video produced by Rust-oleum to learn the best techniques for applying this paint.

I attached the drawer pulls to a large piece of cardboard for a few reasons: It allows the pulls to sit upright which makes painting easier, and the cardboard catches the overspray. 

After allowing all of the components to fully dry, I installed the drawer pulls, put the drawers back in the dresser, and set it back up in my daughter's room. This was a super-easy project, and they love such a large source of glittery sparkle in their room! Win-win!

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Decor items in our daughter's room.