Lighted Rustic Wood Stars

Describe your project and how you embraced the theme of "Light"

My wife and I love incorporating lights into our projects. There's not a season that passes without us figuring out new and better ways to stuff a few strands of sparkling light into this thing or that. In the spring and summer, we play with solar lights outside. When the nights close in and a chill creeps into the air, we scurry inside and break out our battery-operated and plug-in LEDs. This year, we made some rustic wood stars, and we gave some of them a glimmering little twist: LED starry lights wrapped around the stars in a unique way that gave a beautiful result. Using a template my wife created, I traced out 5 star points on a piece of 2x6 lumber and then cut them out with a band saw. I then cut a channel around the edge of the stars with a table saw. We assembled the pieces into the star shape and secured them with staples. I then stained the star with Varathane Antique White and Kona stain. When dry, we wrapped the starry lights into the groove, and our star was born!

List the Rust-Oleum products you used

Varathane Antique White Stain
Varathane Kona Stain

List any other products you used

LED Starry Lights



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