Birdbath Beauty

Describe your project. How did it go? How did you embrace the theme of 'Hang on to Summer'? Did you enjoy working with the Color Shift paints?

One of my favorite things about summer are the birds in my yard.  To keep them around longer, I decided to make a birdbath.  I found this glass bowl at the thrift store and used a piece of PVC pipe from an old project for the base. Since the Color Shift paints require a darker base, I painted the outside of the bowl purple then applied the Turquoise Waters and Purple Sunrise to the inside and outside.  I painted the base black and added Iridescent Shimmer, but it didn’t do too much, so I added the Turquoise and Purple again.  To coordinate the two pieces, I hand painted some vines and purple flowers on the base.  The bowl sits inside the PVC pipe.  I enjoyed the paints, my favorite being the Turquoise Waters.  It gave the bowl that beautiful blue shimmer.