Sterling silver night tables

Describe your item and its condition before the transformation

I purchased these two “hotel dressers” from the Habitat Restore. They had holes drilled thru the tops where I assume the microwave had been secured. A couple of drawer pulls were missing and there were many scratches.

Explain what you did to turn your item from Trash to Treasure

After removing all the original hardware and drawers, I filled the holes with wood filler. I then sanded the tops until smooth and then lightly sanded all the shiny surfaces, including the drawers. I used the paint I had purchased, Rustoleum Sterling Silver Metallic and a smooth foam roller and covered the entire dressers. The paint coverage was beautiful. To achieve the rich look I was going for, I did several coats. Due to the thick, lush coverage of this paint I only used half a jar. I then searched for the perfect drawer pulls which ended up being crystal knobs. These dressers make perfect oversized night tables in our master bedroom. I am so thrilled with the outcome of this project that I am now searching for my next Metallic purchase.

List the Rust-Oleum products you used

I used Rustoleum Sterling Silver Metallic paint.

List any other Products you used

a small foam roller/pan



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