Flatware Caddy

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When my husband and I are out and about I'll come across something that I feel we need and then start looking for the best deal. Recently we were at Williams-Sonoma and I saw a beautiful utensil caddy made of olivewood. Problem was it was waaaaaay out of my budget ($74.95) ~ and that's when Dan said "I'll make it." I was determined to find a caddy in my price range ~ so it was on to IKEA. No caddies there, but I did come across some bamboo cutting boards ($3.49 each)! I looked them over, started designing in my head, and then looked at Dan and said, "you can make me a caddy." He was one happy camper!!! I designed and he made it happen. Used 6 of the bamboo cutting boards for a total of $20.94 + some tax; also added a piece of scrap wood for the bottom. Sorry, no Rust-Oleum products used, just thick super glue and butcher block oil. LOVE how it turned out!!!