From 80s to now bathroom...starting with before pic so you'll look lol

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I think I have posted before that when we purchased our house in 2013, it was maintained in a time warp.  It was exactly how it was when it was built in 1984.  I saw the potential and have absolutely LOVED the projects that we have undertaken to make her truly shine (my husband, not so much...he said we bought an almost 3/4 of an acre lot that happened to have a house on it haha).  This was the last of the updates to undertake.  While we do want to redo the kitchen, I have brought it to an acceptable state, so we can hold that off for a while.  We would rather do an add on of a master bedroom downstairs as the next huge step.  The fact that I have a son that will be hitting college in a couple of years...don't see THAT in the near future. hahahha


Anyhoo, this one was a great one as it was very little out of pocket costs!

I had purchased the lights that we used from Home Depot a few years ago at  75% off!

The flooring I got at 50% off last year.  It is that new vinyl easy install.  I am in love with it and am sorry that it was not a thing when I re did the kitchen and dining room in tile.  I would  have certainly used this instead!!

I have to give a HUGE HUGE thanks to Lana who so generously allowed me to try the Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Gray Primer .

This product was AMAZING! I have posted a pic of just the primer on the cabinets.  My husband even made the comment that this was by far the best job I had done on painting the cabinets (and I've done it in four locations).  With this product as the base, I only needed two coats of my paint! Previously, I have had to do a third!  I would defintely recommend using this product if you are painting something in a gray or darker color.  It went on so easily and really layed a great base to accept the color coat.


I also used my favorite hammered paint to paint the plumbing pieces of the shelves.  I even used it on the brackets that hold the parts to the wood, as well as my hinges on my cabinets.  I have found the hinges these days, even if they are the SAME type, are not made like they were in the 80s so if I want the cabinets to actually close! I have to use the same ones.  Spray paint has been my savior on this one and I cannot get enough of the hammered paint!!  I used Antique Pewter and also updated my trash can (that's another post int here).

On the shelves, I also used another one of my favorites the Rust-Oleum 313835 Varathane Weathered Wood Accelerator.  This allowed the pine (a piece I found in the garage) to look older and really made the look, IMO.

Also, this was my very first attempt at taping and floating so don't look too close.  We were able to greatly reduce the big box around the light, but could not remove it completely like we did in the other bathroom and half bath.  They made a questionable plumbing decision that I guess was okay since the light hit it. haha

Also, if you look in the before pic, you will see a cute green tray on the counter top.  After the new counter was complete, I put it on there and that color with the gray was hideous!!

So, Rust-Oleum 302593 12 oz Country Gray Chalked Paint Spray  to the rescue!! I just happened to have that in the garage (I just happened to have WAY to many cans of Rust-Oleum spray paint in the garage to my husband's shagrin haha) and addressed the problem right away.  I added some nice paper I had that matched to the inside to make the product that I store less likely to mess the tray up.

Overall, it took a week of vacation and a couple of more weekends and evening to complete, but I am so thrilled with the changes!! My husband is less giddy, but happy is re wiring roll is done.  Luckily, he installed sound and lighting in his previous career, so we don't have to hire an electrician!

Thanks, Rust-Oleum for all your help!