1950 Chevy Pickup Project

Submitted to Community Café

I've had this truck for over 40 years. While in construction it was my daily drive, and was pretty beat up. Decided to bring it back to life myself. Picture in gray is the truck stripped and in primer, being moved to my new location.
 In my garage over a period of three years (or so), I did body work, painted piece by piece using Rust-oleum spray (rattle can) paint in Hunter Green, with Rust-oleum automotive clear (also rattle can).
The bed is oak, with the same Hunter Green being applied with a rag and wiped off. Followed by a clear coat.
It was never meant to be a show truck, just something looking good going down the road. I get lots of "what", and "no way's" when I tell people it was all done with spray cans. Even impressed a professional automotive painter.
It's still just a daily driver, but now I get many thumbs up as I go down the road. 
Additionally the truck prior to restoration can be seen in the first 2 minutes of the movie Phenomenon with a gentleman leaning against it.