Need some direction

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Hello all! I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe! I’m hoping ya’ll can give me some ideas here, here’s my problem~I’m wanting to start painting the walls in my house and really want to stick with strictly Rustoleum products of course! And the fact that they’re made in the USA is a huge plus in my book these days, the thing is I found these beautiful grays that I really want but they’re not available anywhere near my area. I tried Amazon to try to alleviate shipping costs but my main color, which would be the Dove Gray, is not available there either 😫. So I need some ideas on what direction to go in to get the paint I really want without having to pay shipping that would probably cost more than the paint lol. I’d like to get 3 gallons of the light and 2 of the dark, any helpful ideas for me? 
I want to do my laundry room, hallway, 2 bedrooms and my master bath and this seems like a great time to tackle this project, I just need the paint lol!
Thanks for any advice you can give me!!!
* Also, my next project will be painting my back concrete patio. I got it pressure washed and ready to go but am not sure what steps and products I’ll need to get it done, so any ideas or designs would be welcomed and appreciated! My house is red brick so I’m not sure what the best color choices would be. I know I’m asking a lot but could sure use some guidance lol!