“ROCKSOLID” Rocks!!!

Submitted to Community Chat

Finally got a weekend to do the Rock Solid on the Garage Floor .We anticipated a harder job then it was. We were a little stressed that we wouldn’t have the skill level to do it.

It ended up being as easy as it could be. Our one and a half car garage took an hour and a half to do, once it was scrubbed and dried.

It turned out awesome!!! We love it and it's completely different. We really, really needed to do this job ever since we bought this house.

The kits had everything we needed including the roller covers. It took about one and a half kits to do our garage. Clean up was a breeze, nothing to it. We thought a nice improvement would be handles on the top and side of bag for steady even pouring. Although, we didn’t even really have a big issue with it.

             Thanks Rust-Oleum   

        We REALLY LOVE the new garage floor!!!