Paintbrush chaos – pool noodle fix?

Submitted to Community Café

Due to the volume of paintbrushes I have collected is sometimes hard to find the perfect brush quickly while working. I have resorted to sorting out the brush types by purpose, shape or bristle type in jars or tins while leaving a pristine collection in my craft cupboard.

Possible tip-I recently figured out that putting a pool noodle in a yogurt cup - perforating slots-could help separate my fine detail brushes for easy identification and selection.

I’ve tried many things over the years to display paintbrushes for selection and use- including professional zipper cases -partitioned pouched canvas  wrap-plastic perforated storage grids, jars and cans.

1-Im not sure what the perfect brush display solution is?
WWMSD? What would Martha Stewart do? Anybody have suggestions?

2-Also are there any other good crafting hacks for pool noodles that I might not know about? I know they use for wreathes and I’ve also successfully used one to keep my dogs bed cemented secure on my sofa.