Dollar store gems!

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I somehow got to watching a YouTube video on customizing dollar store items to fit your decor more. Seeing how you can change a piece so it’s not like everyone else. I thought it was interesting so I watched a couple more of the videos. I thought it would be fun to give it a try.
This morning I changed four dollar store pieces into something that would fit with the Christmas decorations in my house. I made a sleigh into a chalkboard and a huge gift tag into a huge gift tag and two huge wall ornaments into beautiful accent pieces. All using chalkboard paint and scrapbook paper. It was fun and only took a couple hours. I was amazed at how nice they turned out. They were already cute to begin with but who wants what everyone else has. I want one of a kind stuff. This was fun to do and I’ll be on the lookout for things I can embellish in the future.!!:)