Vintage Costco Kitchen Stool

Submitted to Community Café

I had been looking for one of these for quite a while and kinda stumbled across this one a thrift shop while looking for old barn wood! This place was a gold mine! I had never redone anything like this before so I began doubting my ability as soon as I got it home, lol. So it sat in the garage for a couple of months. I knew the vinyl had to be raplaced because it was torn in several spots. But I had to do this, my grandma had one and I had always loved it. I YouTubed how to do it and got to work!!

I bought some new vinyl in a pattern that I love and freshened up the frame with a nice coat of Rustoleum Ultra 2X spray paint in white semi Gloss after taping off the feet so I wouldn't paint them. I used the old vinyl as a template to cute the new and added some fresh new foam to the seat. I then went thru the process of reassembling it. 

It's exactly like I wanted it to be and brings back many memories~priceless!