Alex's Aerodynamic Adventure

Submitted to Community Chat

My 20-year-old son, Alex, bought a used Subaru Outback recently and has been working hard to make it his own. After installing a very noisy roof basket, he decided to handcraft a wind deflector to prevent air from traveling through the basket. Alex cut a sheet of plexiglass to match the curve of the roof of his car, and then set to work painting the plexiglass, drawing his inspiration from the Patagonia logo. His paint of choice was Rust-Oleum's Painter's Touch 2x Ultra Cover paint and primer. He stenciled the word "adventure" in Flat White and created a mountain range silhouette using Brilliant Blue, Grape and Real Orange. Finally, Alex used Flat Black for the background. The finished project came out fantastic! Alex is looking forward to a summer full of offroad adventures!