It Looks Like A Window.

Submitted to Community Chat

I’ve been working on this Christmas entry sign for my foyer. It will be engulfed with twinkling lights and evergreen sprigs.
I had a chalk board I made for my last house that I couldn’t find a place for in my new house. I decided to use a dollar store cardboard deer and make the foyer sign.
I used some Serenity Blue Chalked paint I had left over and some Testors Glitter Burst paints. I also used a couple other colors of glitter glue. I used a lot of crinkled up tissue paper to give it the texture. I crumpled up the tissue paper in a ball then flattened it back out and then laid it on the sign to cover it all up then I  pressed down all over to transfer the wrinkles into the fresh wet paint. You have to do it kinda fast so the tissue paper doesn’t get sticky in the paint. I didn’t use the glitter glue paints till after that. Then I painted the deer with a gold glitter glue and the frame with a turquoise glitter glue. 
It turned out pretty cool, “ looks like a window”. I was going for a deer in a snowstorm. If I had to give up my chalk board, I’m happy to get this in return! :)