Sanding & Oiling White Oak

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Hi everyone! I've recently acquired a slab of white oak that I am hoping to turn into a standing desk for my home office. This may have been slightly too much for my first DIY project, but I'm hoping the much more experienced Creator's Studio community can help me get it over the finish line!

I have already:
  • filled the holes & cracks with Varathane Bar & Table Finish 
  • sanded (last pass with 220 grade paper on an orbital sander)
  • cut down to size
The plan is to finish with teak oil, but I'm not sure if I should be sanding between coats, how many coats of oil I should finish with, or if this is even the right finish for this type of wood or my climate (cold & very dry). The advice online seems to vary wildly but I haven't found anything that speaks to this specific combination of oil and material.

Any advice you have would be much appreciated! Thanks!