Gazing Ball Stakes

Submitted to Community Chat

I found ping pong balls at the dollar store. I purchased the thinnest dowels they had at Walmart. I used the Rustoleum Mirror Effect paint on all to give it bling!I remember reading that they drilled into the balls. Well these ping pong balls are a more thicker, and It didn't seem necessary to go through all that. I took a skewer.... I had some left over from my mirror creation. With the sharp end I poked through the ball....It worked....I carefully stuck the skewer inside the ball. If you have thin ping pong balls, start the hole with something sharp first. These balls were okay. 

(and if you ding the ball just use the skewer or the dowel and poke from inside to straighten out the ding.)
Next I put all the balls on! If you happened to make the holes too big and the balls are sliding down, you can use a dab of glue, just make sure it is glue used for the outdoors. A silicone glue is best. E6000, Goop, are just a couple. They have to withstand water, and heat. So hot glue is not reccomended.If you are placing these in a container plant, you can shorten the stakes.
I then proceeded to paint the balls and stakes. I waited overnight for them to dry, then I put them in my garden....bling! Tip: Be sure you have the balls positioned where you want them before painting, otherwise if re position them, you will have to paint the area where the ball was.