Old Weathered Coca Cola signs

Submitted to Community Chat

I built these frames when I was in high school many moons ago! Wood came from an old house crumbling down on our farm back in the 1960's. House was lot older than that though! It was sawn into 2 1/2" strips exposing fresh wood cuts on both sides. Cut at 45° and put together and ran a rabbet on the inside of the strips to recieve the pictures. There you have a frame with exposed wood cuts on both edges.Ran some board strips beveled 45° and nailed to the outside edges of frame. On the inside of the frame, it was painted gray. All of the pictures came from a Coca Cola calendar. The brown fabric was sprayed with sticky adhesive and mounted to poster board and cut out to fit. The frame was sized for those pictures at the start of the build rather than finding a picture to fit after the build! :)