Add Style to Your Closet with Pretty Painted Hangers

Submitted to Community Café

I believe strongly in the idea that making an organized space pretty motivates you to keep it organized, so when I recently tackled our coat closet, I wanted to add a few pretty DIYs to the space. 

Wood hangers make a great choice for a coat closet because they are super sturdy for heavy coats and jackets. But despite the functionality of our wood hangers, I wasn't loving the way the light wood color of the hangers looked compared to the grey tone of our new closet system, and the dark color of our wood floors and closet doors. It was just too many different shades of wood, so I decided to add a fun pop of color to the hangers!

I grabbed a couple of cans of Rust-oleum gloss Seaside spray paint, and came up with a super easy way to keep the metal hook part of the hanger unpainted. A short time later, my hangers were looking so much more stylish! And I love they way they look in our newly organized coat closet!

Painted Hanger Tutorial:

7 Tips to Make the Most of Your Coat Closet Space: